If you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of assisting in fueling a protocol powering next-gen financial products then this is your moment!

Right now, the world is transitioning into a new digital age. New ecosystems are being created giving life to new opportunities. Today we launch the Guardians of Persistence ambassador program; your opportunity to join the Persistence ecosystem and work on propelling a forward thinking and technologically advanced protocol is here.

Join Persistence, join a family of like-minded individuals, and help to usher in the new financial paradigm alongside us. This is a way to get your…

Action-packed April has just zipped by!

Continuing to build on the success of a monumental March, we pushed ahead and accelerated as we raced through April. Last month alone we witnessed our first two exchange listings, on AscendEX and Gate.io, and launched XPRT staking with 35%+ APR straight out of the gates. Meanwhile our industrious CEO, Tushar Aggarwal, was featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 and our XPRT token was trending on CoinMarketCap, in yet more clear indications that the world is waking up to Persistence.

Additionally, we continued to forge valuable industry collaborations and pushed ahead ramping…

The Persistence Core-1 Mainnet was recently launched with a limited set of carefully selected validators in order to ensure a smooth mainnet launch and the best possible staking experience. Read about our successful mainnet launch and our world-class genesis validators here:

We are now inviting all interested parties to run a validator node for Persistence, ushering in further decentralization. We are committed to ensuring the utmost security and robustness of our network, and our validator ecosystem is playing a major role on this front.

All validators play an important role, however some go above and beyond to support the growth…


  • We are preparing to distribute rewards for the three completed StakeDrop campaigns (Cosmos, Terra and Kava)
  • Rewards will now be distributed in the form of native XPRT tokens, as opposed to Ethereum-based XPRT tokens as originally planned
  • This means StakeDrop participants will be able to stake their XPRT token rewards for 35%+ APR even while they’re locked
  • Participants will need to create a Persistence wallet and submit their wallet address via another Magic Transaction according to the timelines detailed below
  • This update to the distribution mechanism is of considerable benefit to the community

With the XPRT token launch now complete…

March was a momentous month for Persistence and our community!

In each month of 2021, we’ve accomplished more than the last, but this past month was truly exceptional! In March alone, we launched our mainnet, conducted XPRT’s long-anticipated TGE, completed token auctions on AscendEx (formerly BitMax), trading of XPRT began, and we launched XPRT staking with rewards of 35%+ APR.

Additionally, we hosted Proof-of-Stake: The New Paradigm, one of the year’s biggest PoS events, during which thought leaders from the PoS ecosystem joined us for an action-packed day of presentations, panel discussions and fireside chats on some of the industry’s…

Welcome to the Persistence XPRT Staking Guide!

XPRT staking is now live, having launched on April 1st, 2021, offering rewards of 35%+ APR for the first year! This rewards rate is among the highest in the industry. Therefore, we understand our community is anxious to learn how they will be able to stake their XPRT tokens.

You can stake your XPRT on desktop using the Persistence native wallet. If you prefer to stake via a mobile wallet, you can use Cosmostation to securely store and stake your XPRT. Check out their guide here to learn how to set up a Cosmostation wallet and begin staking your XPRT:

Welcome to the Persistence Wallet Guide!

It can be confusing switching from one blockchain to another and understanding all the functionality of an unfamiliar wallet. Whether you’re new to the Cosmos ecosystem or have been using some of the other Tendermint-based chains, this guide should help you understand all of the important functions of the Persistence wallet.

This guide covers:

1. What is a Persistence Wallet

2. How to Create a Persistence Wallet

3. Importing an Existing Wallet (Using Mnemonics or Keplr)

4. How to Sign into the Wallet Dashboard

5. Wallet Dashboard Functions

6. Sending XPRT, Receiving XPRT and ‘Transactions’ Tab

7. Generating KeyStore File

After more than two years of relentless ideation and development, we’re thrilled to announce that the Persistence mainnet is going live tomorrow, March 30th! This will signal the official birth of the Persistence network and the next major milestone on our journey to usher in a new financial paradigm.

The genesis transactions from our validators sent before 12 PM UTC on March 30th, 2021, will be used to publish the final_genesis.json at 1 PM UTC on the same day. The genesis will start immediately after as soon as a quorum is reached.

At this point the network will be live…

With the launch of our token sale on AscendEX (formerly BitMax) on March 31st quickly approaching, we wanted to clarify the sale details to make sure our community is prepared.

The sale will take place in the format of two auctions (the Standard Auction & the Uncapped Auction). The auction format and sale details, as outlined in AscendEX’s sale details page, are explained below.

The auction dashboard can be accessed on AscendEX here: https://ascendex.com/en/marketing/xprt

The time has finally arrived! We’re excited to announce the details of our public sale, which will be taking place on leading global cryptocurrency exchange AscendEX (formerly BitMax) on March 31st!

During our fundraising rounds, we built a strong network of early supporters to contribute to the long-term success of Persistence. Our mission to usher in a new era of next-gen financial products has attracted the support of a plethora of industry heavyweights.

Now, with our upcoming public sale, we’re giving the wider community the opportunity to secure XPRT tokens and join our journey!


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