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Last week, we announced that we will be launching our first StakeDrop campaign on the Cosmos Network. This will begin at 12:00 am PDT on October 26th. A total of 200,000 of Persistence’s native XPRT tokens (worth $50,000 at the most recent valuation), will be allocated to ATOM stakers during the campaign.

Every ATOM staker will be eligible to earn up to 5,000 XPRT tokens, simply by staking on the Cosmos Network!

To provide more insights into the Cosmos Network StakeDrop and to ensure that ATOM holders are ready to participate, we’ve put together a brief FAQ below.

First Things First: What is Persistence and XPRT Token?

Persistence is a protocol powering institutional open finance by facilitating the borrowing of cryptoassets (stablecoins) using real-world assets, such as invoices, as collateral. This bridges DeFi and traditional finance and uses the features of DeFi to solve real-world financing problems. …

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Our Cosmos Network StakeDrop campaign is fast approaching! Beginning on October 26th, ATOM holders will be able to earn an allocation of Persistence’s native XPRT tokens simply by staking their ATOMs on Cosmos Network.

Read more about our Cosmos Network StakeDrop campaign here:

If you are new to staking, this document will help you understand how to stake ATOMs to earn Cosmos staking rewards, in addition to XPRT tokens as part of our Cosmos Network StakeDrop campaign.

If you are already Staking your ATOMs with any active validator on Cosmos Network, you can earn XPRT tokens by simply making a ‘Magic Transaction’, which will register your participation in StakeDrop. …

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The time has almost arrived. We’ve been meticulously planning the mechanism and execution of an innovative initiative to provide the crypto community with access and exposure to XPRT (Persistence’s native token).

It’s called StakeDrop, and it’s emerging on the horizon. Read the full details below.


  • StakeDrop is a distribution mechanism which allows holders of PoS network tokens to acquire XPRT simply by staking on their favorite networks.
  • Networks included in the StakeDrop campaigns are: Cosmos Network, Terra, Kava Labs, IRISnet, Polkadot, Matic Network and Tezos.
  • 1% of the total XPRT token supply (1,000,000 XPRT) is allocated for StakeDrop rewards.
  • Reward amounts for specific participants depend on a variety of factors, including which network/s they are staking on, whether they are delegating to an AUDIT.one validator (higher rewards) or a different validator, and the length of their participation in each campaign. …



Protocol powering Institutional Open Finance

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